August 11, 2012

Daniel Castrellon goes for a drive

LeiNaD went out for a drive but immediately forgot where he was going that he turn the car around and drove back Dallas after 5 hr drive to nowhere. .... Still caint remember where I was going. -LeiNaD-

January 03, 2010

Super Bowl 44

The NFL awarded the 2010 Super Bowl — Super Bowl XLIV — to Miami and the championship game will be played February 7, 2010 at Dolphin Stadium. It is the 10th time the city, who last hosted in 2007, will play host to the championship event. Some think that it is Florida's weather that is the real winner, and I certainly can't argue with that. The fact that Tampa just hosted the 2009 Super Bowl, pretty much confirms Florida as a "super" location in my mind.

Super Bowl 44

I hope the cowboys are end up in this Super Bowl so I can watch it with my son.

Network  | CBS
Announcers | Jim Nantz and Phil Simms




August 02, 2009

Muscle Size, Shape & Definition Workout

Monday - Chest and Shoulders
Decline Smith Presses Set 2 Reps 12
Flat Dumbbell Presses Set 4 Reps 20
Incline Dumbbell Flys Set 3 Failure
Seated Dumbbell Presses Set 1 Rep 25
Reverse EZ bar Presses Set 1 Reps Failure
Seated Dumbbell Side Laterals 1 Failure

Tuesday - Legs
Quads (2 full rotations)
Leg Presses Set 4 Rep 25
Leg Curls Set 1 Rep 30
Leg Extensions Set 1 Rep 30
Leg Curl Machine Set 3 Rep Failure


Thursday - Back, Rear Shoulders, Traps
Pull-ups Set 3 Rep 12
Dead Lifts Set 3 Rep 10
Dumbbell Rows Set 3 Rep 10
Lat Pull down 3 Rep 10
Rear Delts
Bent over Rear Delt Cable Fly Set 2 Rep 25
Barbell Shrugs Set 3 Rep 12
Seated Dumbbell Shrugs Set 3 Rep 12
Upright Rows Set 3 Rep 12

Friday - Arms and Calves
Standing Dumbbell Curls Set 2 Rep 10
Dumbbell Drag Curls (barbell video shown) Set 1 Rep 20
Incline Hammer Curls Set 1 Rep 15
Close-Grip Benches Set 1 Rep 25
Triceps Press Downs Set 1 Rep 25
Double Arm Kickbacks Set 1 Rep 25
Bench Dips Set 1 Rep Failure
Seated Calf Raises Set 3 Rep 15
Donkey Calf Raises Set 3 Rep 15


July 08, 2009

The day the World Ends

The world is due to end at 12:34 56 sec on 7-8-9!! Please all of you grab your valuables empty your accounts and then come over to my house I will make sure I store everything in a safe place for you.  There is no time to talk just please do what I say and everything will be OK. I have thought this thru for almost 2 minutes and think this is the only solution to the world ending crisis. We don’t have much time to think if it is the right thing to do or not. By giving me everything you own just to save yourselves sound like the proper thing to do and even the smartest thing to do if you didn’t get the first sentence.


Think about it!! Why would I know when it will end and how or why would I know when?




July 02, 2009



Everyone needs to take a small trip at least twice a year just to get the mind clear from what we do all week and that is work! Taking a small trip across town or around the world is fine just get out there explore and take the world by surprise and say I'm out and I'm going to have fun for once...

This year I have been to San Diego for my 30th Birthday which was a bad ass trip since I went to about 5 beaches and the last one was in Orange County which made me feel all poor, but I have my health right? SD was a lot of fun which is great just to get out from the same routine you do every year in Dallas for your birthday or wherever you live that a new place is always a good feeling. Take as many trips as you can afford even if it’s an hour away just for camping or just to fish and drink with friends.  I guess it was time for another trip that I just booked a trip to Vegas again with a couple of knuckle heads I call friends. It’s more of a guy trip than a get a way trip. I’ve been to Vegas before with another long time friend that we drove to Vegas from Dallas and that was a good 18 hour trip that I saw bones in New Mexico, The big Creator in Arizona, and then right before we got into Las Vegas that we drove thru the Hoover Dam a trip to keep in the books as a good one. I was laughing in my head when I was at the Hoover Dam that I had to do what Shia LaBeouf did and slap the inner wall of the Dam just for kick because I didn’t know when I’ll be back that this was my only time and it was funny. If you saw the movie you would know what I’m talking about that my boy Adolfo didn’t get it until he saw the movie the night we got back on cable. That he told his wife what I did and they both said I was dumb… So! It was funny to me and that is all that counts so MUH!

We all need some time apart from the everyday world we are use to that two days are just not enough. The only things we can do for the weekend is either go out late Friday night or just wait till Saturday to get out and have fun. Most of us are not willing to go out Friday because we had to work that day and are tired that we just want to kick back to rest our feet . Then Saturday rolls around everyone starts planning for what is popping that night just to find out there are better parties than the one you are at and the night is over. Sunday is a day to prepare you for the Monday that is lurking around the corner waiting to take your energy away just to make the day all groggy and long that you just hope the Sunday goes real slow and the night never comes.

It’s already July and I have only taken a few trips that I’m not complaining at least I took some but I wish I can just get up and go as far as I want whenever I want. I have o start saving for a trip around the world and it’s going to be an expensive trip that I hope I can afford to go at least before I kick the bucket. I guess small trips will do just fine on my salary I just have to keep a budget for trips and plan ahead on anything I spend just to have a wall map filled with push pins showing my destinations in my life time. The older I get the father the trips will be from wherever I live during my young never aging years. In order to take more trips I have to start putting aside 40 bucks a week which doesn’t sound like much but hey who said I’m rich? I have to start always from the bottom just to get to the top how else would I learn to keep my mind from thinking money grows on trees. The harder you work for the money you earn the better the vacation satisfaction will be knowing you paid for it all with hard work and maybe some tears for those Mondays that keep on lurking for you.

This is the reason I travel is so that one day I will bump into her and say hi and take a picture!


Yeah! This is Salma Hayek...

Later and take more trips


June 26, 2009

4th Of July: Water Balloon Fight 2

Ready for another Water Balloon fight?


4th of July: Water Balloon Fight -2009

Are you ready for another fight? It’s scheduled for next weekend on the 4th of July (Saturday) so get your calendars ready and start circling. All you have to bring is your energy to fight and water balloons unless you want to bring me something because I do take donations. I will get the fajitas and do my specialty “Fajitas ala –LeiNaD-“. I’m not saying I’m going to feed everyone but you know first come first serve. So don’t expect a lot of food you hungry bastard It’s more of a water balloon fight and what I can get that is not too expensive. Everyone said they had a blast on my son’s water balloon fight party that there has to be another one with more balloons since we ran out in about 20 minutes.


I know I bought 1500 but used 1000 so that tells you we need more. Make sure these balloons burst on impact because the other ones hurt like hell and I know a few that went home with bruises and were all jacked up from the pain! We are going to have three water posts located around the backyard that way everyone doesn’t have to return to the same location and become target practice. Invite who you want and let’s take out that work-week anger out on a few grown-ups leave the kids along to fight their own battles. Grown-ups are up for grabes and to each it's own.

4th of July



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