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August 16, 2011

The image of Me

Looking at me is not the truth but a view of what is reasonable and what is a tunnel of nothing but the real me. Sections of my life are questionable but just a step that just needs to be climbed and move to the next step that the ladder of stairs are never ending. I never see the world for the bad but all that is good since my vision is not clear but I can sure see what’s out there are all I have to do is crumble the bad and focus on what I’m here for and that is to be good at what I do. The focus of life is always based on the actions you do and what you have done. I feel that I have not full filled my mistakes to understand what I need to continue to do so when all my mistakes are done and fixed I will never be perfect but will have the answered is ever asked. Image I have for me is simple and never want what I cannot control or afford I will set my goals on a standard level that I can balance. Never will understand everything that comes my way but in all who does think about it no one will. I've been here for a while to understand that not every will last forever but I know the thought will. Skip the moments of depression and focus on the life that breathe thru my lungs and stay and fight the problem that time doesn't allow us to fix on a moment of second guessing the options we have. Let’s say truth that everyone has problems but why stay on the time of when that problem came but move on to the moment that brought you into the world when time and problems didn't matter and that was when we were all kids. Running around playing with friends which are no longer the same but time is what you make it and that all we have is time. The world is not going to end any time soon so don't think that! We have all the time in the world to do what we need to do and what everyone is here for. No one will take your time and reason to fill that time. They might try but let them try all you have to do is be strong and continue on the path that is yet to be written and as for me my time is never over since I know I'm here for a reason and if I find out what that is I will make sure to let the world know since I to happy to breath and have what I have because others are not that bless. My time is too expensive to let it run thru my fingers and slip by so PAY attention to everything around you and be what you are meant to be and that is JUST BE YOU. Daniel Castrellon is what you see and Daniel Castrellon is what you will get to know if you give time to share your time. -LeiNaD-
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