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July 19, 2011

Smiles 7-19-2011

Smiles: Give me paper and I can make you smile without a word as I make a rose, give me a pen and I will draw you a rose just to make you smile, give me time so that I can show you my smile that way you can smile since the power of a smile is an envy element that many wish they had to give for free like I do for you! So smile for me! My thoughts: -LeiNaD-

My Moments of Clarity

Moments of clarity come in a blue moon but it sure makes sense when it’s unexpected that my vision is clear now. I see what the world is and I now understand how to see the world thru these brown eyes that many things I thought where there are now just a mirage and the closer I try to focus it disappears but I understand why it did. I just realize the world is moving too fast and I'm just trying to catch up but in a heart beating way that now my blood is pumping and I'm getting oxygen into my brain that I know what to do and that is just live the life I was given and enjoy the smiles I give. Focus on what is important in life and make the best of it since everyone that patiently waits will always get rewarded in the end. Good things do come for those who wait and never expect things. Because when you expect things you will always get disappointed if they do not come, but when they do the experience is worth the wait. Life, Smile, and live on. That’s what clarity means to me and keep on smiling because I'm smiling for you even if you aren't for me. Just my thoughts : -LeiNaD-
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