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January 27, 2010

The Apple iPad

Apple unveiled today the new line of produce and it is a futuristic item I think only seen in the movies. It's called the iPad which looks allot like the iPhone but with a much bigger display and starting at $499.99 is not a bad price for an advance tech gadget for everyone to use in the near future just like the pawn of the iPhone.

I'm sure the price will go down in the next few months just like the iPhone 3Gs but still a good price for a wireless device with a 16GB device that let's you do anything you want in the palm of your hand or should I say lap!

Apple's new iPad



January 21, 2010

Add logo to System Properties on XP

Here is a simple and easy way to add your logo to the system properties when right clicking on the My Computer Icon and selecting properties. As show on this image:

Adding Logo to System Properties

All you need is a 128x128 BMP image othe formats will not work and name it oemlogo.bmp then save it to the following directory.


Then create a text file and name it oeminfo.ini

Save the file in the same directory.

In the oeminfo.ini file insert the following:

Model=Yeah! I'm Daniel Castrellon

[Support Information]
Line1="Yeah! I'm Daniel Castrellon"
Line2="Enter what you want here"
Line3="Enter what you want here"
Line4="Enter what you want here"
Line5="Enter what you want here"
Line6="Enter what you want here"
Line7="Enter what you want here"
Line8="Enter what you want here"
Line9="Enter what you want here"
Line10="Enter what you want here"
Line11="Enter what you want here"

you are done.




January 19, 2010

Verizon's 69.99 Unlimited Talk

I was happy when I saw this online and on TV that now Verizon is listening to its customers and hooking it up with a good plan with a descent price, but there is a catch. If you have a plan already with multiple lines or as they call it family plan then this does not apply to you only those with a single line which sucks since I have three phones and what is the point when more and more families are getting phones for their kids.

I was thrilled before calling but now I'm blah! On of these days phone companies will eventually get it that if you want people to enjoy your service don't just focus on the single but the bundle like a happy family and you will eventually get more clients!!

If you treat customers as a happy family you will get the respect from everyone that you want people to be happy and like I always say sharing is caring! The rep was trying to tell me that on the add it stated only for single lines so I told her I'm not stupid I can read and I can send her a screen shot of the add that I was looking at and it clearly does not say single line costumers.

Verizon's New Unlimited talk plan

Next time at least put it in the fine print so we dont get fooled or should I say I don't get fooled!

Verizon 1

Daniel 0





January 06, 2010

Resize your icons in Windows Vista

Minimize all the windows you have open (if any), then press and hold the "Ctrl" key and scroll up or down with your mouse wheel. This will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the icons from your desktop.



January 04, 2010

Can't find cd/dvd windows Xp

Have you came across an issue with your DVD/CD on your system that the DVD and/or CD are not visible on your computer? Well I have found a fix for this and may help you like it helped me in a PC repair I had from a user. Hope this helps all you need is to download it and put it on a flash drive and run the exe file and restart your system that's it...

Here is the link to download the file.. [ Click here to download ]



January 03, 2010

Super Bowl 44

The NFL awarded the 2010 Super Bowl — Super Bowl XLIV — to Miami and the championship game will be played February 7, 2010 at Dolphin Stadium. It is the 10th time the city, who last hosted in 2007, will play host to the championship event. Some think that it is Florida's weather that is the real winner, and I certainly can't argue with that. The fact that Tampa just hosted the 2009 Super Bowl, pretty much confirms Florida as a "super" location in my mind.

Super Bowl 44

I hope the cowboys are end up in this Super Bowl so I can watch it with my son.

Network  | CBS
Announcers | Jim Nantz and Phil Simms




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