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A Woman's Worth

I have the thankful gift of solving problems fast and on my own thru determination, stubbornness, and because I have to know the answer, but this time I've been thinking about weird things that I have been wondering what a woman’s worth is and I cannot find the answer! I try hard to figure out what it takes to calculate the worth of a woman but there is a question that I guess I will never find the answer since years of knowing a few of them they all have their flaws along with their gifts which makes it hard to know the answer. I'm not trying to put a price on them but the value of their ways compared to mans.

I've asked my mother this question once and she did not answer me but just hugged me? I guess I can't find the answer thru her or anyone I asked so I will just have to bite my tongue and rest that question with the answer being priceless!

A woman’s worth is not based on their ability to take care of a child, cook, clean, work, and stand by your man but by being a woman. They are the rib that was taken from a man and our better half. Much love to all the women in this world and keep doing what you are doing. Men keep them happy not with gift and material things but with everything you can since you did come from one why not take tare of one!




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