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December 27, 2009

Palm Pixi

I don't know if you are like me but I have to know things and it bugs me when I cannot find them out before the day ends. I was watching the commercial for the Palm Pixi and heard the sound they have playing during the commercial and I could get it out of my head so I had to know who it belonged to and I found it.

It is the "Passion Pit - Sleepy Head"
Ahhh! There its' out of my head now.


December 17, 2009

Error from Outlook when openning files

I know I have not added any computer repair tips but I'm working on it and hope this one helps.

This is just one of many so please be patient.

This error appears on outlook when trying to download a file or opening it.

Permission Error

The issue is that Outlook only saves the same file 100 times or 99 times if the file has the named the same every time it is opened.

The file is stored in the following path:

c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\
c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\8RLGKNJQ

Just delete the file name you were trying to open ex. 1.tif, 1(1).tif,1(2).tif and so on.

Then try to open the file from outlook and you should be able to open it.




December 14, 2009

Happy Days

December is a month of happy joy and allot of shopping but when you head to the malls and stores you can here the joy in the speakers. Everyone is walking talking and enjoying the day with one thought in their minds their loved ones. Even if it's window shopping the thought is there and everyone is just at peace with the years end that nothing else matters but the thought of what that person's face would look like once they opened their gifts or present.

I wish everyone ea happy Xmas and of course a New Year that I'm ready for 2010.

Happy holidays everyone and keep in minds a smile is worth being looked at!




December 10, 2009


I've never been the type to jump on the bandwagon but I really like the iphone or at least a smart phone that I can play with so I can be in touch with all the new tech gadgets on the market. I'm thinking of moving from the envy2 to the lasted smart phone like the HTC HD2 phone but it's not available on Verizon just yet it's still overseas and I don't want to drop my service with Verizon just to get the iphone but Verizon is not really working on getting the contract with apple to get the iphones. I think the iphones are going to go to T-mobile or that's what I read on the internet on some good blogs other than mine of course! The phones are starting to be wireless laptops with a jolt of that white substance crackies use but man they can do allot more than what anyone could of imaging that now you can carry them and watch your favorite show live and get the current stock results on real time or your updates to all the post put on the net by your friends from either Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and our friend the Wal-mart of the internet Google.

I'm ready for my smart phone that even if I get one today there is another one that will come out the next month better and faster than the one I get. Which this is only a revolving door on getting new tech gadgets when another one is better that when will it end? I guess my thoughts would be pointless if I knew that and hope it doesn't. Everything is getting smaller and smaller that I now have an operating system in a micro SD card that hands on my key chain so that when I need to access something but don't want my personal information stored on that computer I'm logging into I just pop out my USB flash and I'm on the internet with Ubuntu. I know it's a weird name but that is a good OS and free! That now it's available with Dell computers which make them cheaper since you don't pay for the OS. It's like a Mac but a little different. Off the subject, but I think phones will eventually end up on your ring or on your palm on the rate that phone technology is going.

Everything that was either considered dorky or science fiction in the Star Trek, Starwars or old sci-fi shows sitcoms are now reality so don't think these nerds are just now thinking of what else to do they are just creating what they thought back in them days.
All I'm saying is I want a smart phone but I just don't know which one I should get and I'm ready for an upgrade.

December 01, 2009

A Woman's Worth

I have the thankful gift of solving problems fast and on my own thru determination, stubbornness, and because I have to know the answer, but this time I've been thinking about weird things that I have been wondering what a woman’s worth is and I cannot find the answer! I try hard to figure out what it takes to calculate the worth of a woman but there is a question that I guess I will never find the answer since years of knowing a few of them they all have their flaws along with their gifts which makes it hard to know the answer. I'm not trying to put a price on them but the value of their ways compared to mans.

I've asked my mother this question once and she did not answer me but just hugged me? I guess I can't find the answer thru her or anyone I asked so I will just have to bite my tongue and rest that question with the answer being priceless!

A woman’s worth is not based on their ability to take care of a child, cook, clean, work, and stand by your man but by being a woman. They are the rib that was taken from a man and our better half. Much love to all the women in this world and keep doing what you are doing. Men keep them happy not with gift and material things but with everything you can since you did come from one why not take tare of one!



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