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October 23, 2009

Camping 2009

Going to have a great weekend with my son at Camp Wisdom in Dallas along with his pack or den whatever you call it. I'm going with one of my friends and his son since both kids are now cub scouts. To bad the weather is on its way to cold and it's going to make the nights very freezing. I am going to take my Colcha from San Marcos and if you know what I'm talking about you know it's a warm blanket and is the shined in this weather on October.

We were planning to go on a family camping trip with a couple of friends like we did two or three years ago but the trip was canceled due to poor planning and late call on what to do this year. I'm sure we will end up going camping again this year since it was allot of fun and this time I'm sure we can get organized on what place is the best place to camp.

The fire burning and the night sky away from the city is always a relaxing thing to when you work everyday in the city and need the sounds of wild life next to you in the open. This is the second time I took my son camping and this time he is in uniform which I think is the cutest thing to see as a father.
Peace out.



October 22, 2009

The Jeff Dunham Show

The Jeff Dunham Show, a new series premiering today at 9pm / 8c on Comedy Central. This is the first ventriloquist I saw and thought he was the finniest thing on youtube. This guy has alot of dummies and is very creative with his work that I'm glad to I have a chance to see what he is going to bring since I missed his show when he came to Dallas this year.

The Jeff Dunham Show

 I think my favorite is Sweet Daddy Dee because he is a pimp when makes that noise with his teeth. I don't know how he does it but this guy can make you laugh with any of dummies in his trunk that one of them will eventually be your favorite. 

I hope his show is a good one since not many are on Comedy Central.




October 21, 2009

Life without the iPhone

Just called my cell provider to see if they will eventually get the iphone any time soon and I didn't like what I heard. They only hear stories from the customers but not the corporate office and wanted to assure me that she thinks they are. If she works there and doesn’t know what is the point of telling me she thinks they are? I have a lot of friends that have the iphone and I'm ready for the phone because it is cool and not because everyone has one.

I've been without an iphone even though it's now 100 bucks and happy with mine but it's time to step up with the smarts phones and get one. I even created a mobile site just for the iphone for fun to see what it would look like when I get the phone. I'm pretty happy with the mobile site, simple, short, and straight to the point. I guess I will eventually get the phone but I've been with this provider for a long time that the phone number I have I've is my first cell number.
I'm a dedicated and valuable customer and they need to upgrade to the iphone platform. I ready for the iphone and all of its apps which one day I might just try to create one since I now want to challenge myself and figure out how they do one.

I can live without the iphone but I want to be on top of the technology world when asked how things work with the new smart phones. I'm an I.T. guy and don't want to be left out i mean this is my world I have to know these things by default. Im a nerd like that.


October 13, 2009

Marge Simpson is now on Playboy

CNN) -- If those coveted 20-something readers can't identify with Hugh Hefner, maybe they will with "The Simpsons."

Playboy pin-up

Marge Simpson will appear in the November issue of Playboy as the magazine's first cartoon cover model.
Like nearly everything printed on paper these days, Playboy magazine has been facing tough times. Advertising pages have dropped 31 percent over the last year, newsstand sales have dried up by 25 percent, and its circulation has dipped to 2.4 million, according to publishing insider Media Industry Newsletter.



October 09, 2009

Friday 10-9-09

As many Fridays come and go this one just flew by like my money on the weekend. Don't have much planned for today but I my son with me and I will make sure I think of something so he won’t get all bored this weekend.

He is eager to go to his cousin's birthday party at Pump it Up which I think is fun to even though I'm a 12 year old inside a 21 year old...Ok..30 years old. Last time I was there was two years ago for the same reason my niece's birthday party and it was a blast. The facility is so big that you have to stop playing after a while then go to another room with more inflatable that are huge.

I hope we both have fun since the weather is really not letting us do much but indoor activities. I might just hit a theater and watch the 3D movie Toy Story since you get to watch 2 for the price of one.
Not much to say but peace out and have a happy October...Halloween is around the corner and I want to dress up as a banana and make my little big bother dress up as a gorilla.



October 05, 2009

Haters hating again

I know everyone is struggling to get a job and it’s hard with this recession that I just figured out which job is in full force. It's the Haters Association and they are going strong. Everyone needs to understand that we all love haters but sometimes we need a break from you effers that It's hard to believed that they all want to focus on one thing and that is the happiness of others just to hate on us because they all suck gerbil nuts that they don't have time to solve their problems but they sure have plenty of time to focus on ours when we happen to screw up ONCE!

I have a message for you Haters...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I love it when I help others keep a job and I will keep on smiling that I will always keep my head up high and a smile on my face knowing that I have damaged your self-esteem that you focus so much into my life just because you are told to and now I know you are just a follower and only take orders from others while I'm a leader and you are still 5 steps behind.

P.S. For those of you haters that are watching me please remember I'm better than you!



October 03, 2009

Saturday 10-03-09

Enjoying another day with my son and it is a very good day to take him out ice skating. He thinks he can ice skate so I will see if he can and then we will see how many falls it takes to prove that he doens't. I'm not saying he doesn't but this is the first time he is going to attempt to ice skate and I hope he enjoys it as I do because right now it is a good time to do indoor activities.

He is rushing me to go and we are off to Galleria Mall to check out the ice ring. First we are getting something to eat because I'm hungry as hell and I'm sure he is too but with all them chips he has been eating I don't think he is. I don't like it when he eats junk food but he doesn't eat anything else but chicken. I don't know what is the big deal about chicken but he loves the bird and it's taste.

He just told me to get off the computer and lets go. He is waiting for me at the door with my keys.



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