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September 23, 2009

Vegas 2009

I had the opportunity to go to Vegas this year 2009 and had a blast. The only thing wrong with Vegas is the price of everything there like 10 beers at clubs over priced food and the money we don't have. In all I had a blast and will go again if my wallet lets me or if the time is available to go. This is my second time there and the first time I drove from Dallas to Nevada which was the best road trip I ever been on. I went to the Arizona Crater, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam then Vegas which again I had the pleasure to stay at the MGM while the De La Hoya VS Pacquiao fight was at. Seeing the fight in Vegas is not the best thing in Vegas but it has its perks like being able to see a famous person that attended the fight.

I will continue to hope that I get the chance to travel every year with good friends and people I love that the next time will be in a white sand, blue ocean view paradise for my long time needed relaxation. This time I might take my little brother since he was mad that he didn't get to come with me to Vegas again.

Here are a few pictures from Vegas the rest are now uploaded on http://www.danielcastrellon.com/images/dc_gallery.php

Carlos Juan LeiNaD

MGM Lobby Center Ring

Me with Elvis in Vegas!

Me at the NY NY Casino infront of a big ass Slot Machine


Fun times in Vegas 2009!





September 15, 2009

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Unervisal Studios has released a first look at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. The resort will open Spring 2010. I think this is what the young kids need in their generation and hope it is as fun as it is watching the movies. YES I like the movies because it's different than anything I've seen on theaters since Superman with Christopher Reeves.

Here is a picture of what it would look like or just visit the Universalorlando.com.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Remember I'm a nerd but a cool one! I hope I can take my son when it opens or some time after it does. We can also head to Disney World since I was not able to take hime when I went with my brother due to....Well let's just not say.






September 13, 2009

One Proud Father

I knew I was a proud father ever since my son was born but this Saturday my son made me so proud I had to post it so everyone can see that I have raised a good son. I hope he continues to do what he thinks is good even when I'm not around or in his presents because I'm always proud of him just by seeing him smile back at when I smile at him.

I went to the movies to see G.I. Joe with my son that I invited a friend and she took her daughter but didn't check the time when the movie started that we got there around 3pm and the movie started at 4:40pm which we ended playing games to pass the time. My son asked me for money like he always does that this time was different. He asked me for money to play Crane Claw Vending Machines so he can win a stuffed purple bear. I didn't think anything about it but he then told me so he can give it to the little girl that was with us and that just hit me with words I cannot think of and I knew he will be a great son.

Elijah's Gift

It took him two tries and four dollars later the claw grip that bear for dear life that the bear finally fell down the shoot. He then got it and handed it to the little girl with no thought which I thought it was the best scene ever in my life I wish everyone was like him! I don't think anybody can say he is a bad kid if he is willing to win a bear and give it to someone he never meet until that day. I don't know if he was doing it for me to see that he is sweet but it did open my eyes and my friends' eyes. I love my son and he made me so proud of him that I can only love him even more than I did that day.

I love you Eli and thank you for doing what you did on your own and I see the good in your heart that I wish the best for you and you are a gift to me that soon everyone will see that even at 7 years old you can teach me a thing or two about being good to strangers!

Love you and I AM A proud father.

PS. After the movies he asked me if she still had the bear that I told him I think so because she took it with her. Right then he said something that I think is the sweetest thing anyone can say to a father. He told me the reason he got the bear and gave it to her was so that when it gets dark and if she gets scared at night she has the bear for protect her!!!!!! Is that the best thing you can hear or WHAT!!!




September 11, 2009

My 9/11

It's kind of weird to still remember what I did and said when I saw the planes crash into the Trade Center Building. I actually thought it was a movie and told everyone what was the name of the movie since it seem like a movie at the time, but many wish it was a movie that you can just stop it or fast forward the film. It didn't sink in till I saw alot of people talking on the phone and calling people they knew in New York asking if they were all right or knew what was going on just to get more info. Everyone thought is was an accident because how can this happen intentional right? Well it was not an accident and another one was on it's way to hit the other building that everyone including me started to freak out because it hapenning live right infront of us.

Even after 8 years we have not recovered from the financial problem this type of terroisum cause the US because after this we went to war and it has cost the USA 680 billion which I don't think is worth it but we have to protect our country at no cost right? Well we caught who we were looking for at the time when the reason for the war was looking for Osama but then switch to Saddam Hussein. We got him he was trialed and then killed. Why are we still at war?? Let's try to keep our country affloat and help each other since we all are on the same boat trying to make it.

Hope everyone stops and thinks of what they can do to remember what happen and not try to brush it off just because it happened 8 years ago.

I did not know anyone in New York but I know what it feels to have someone taken away too early!

Don't be sad for 9/11 just be happy they are in a better place and we will meet them one day in good time.




September 09, 2009

Obama National Address to Students

I guess I had to check out the speech Obama made for the students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA. and I don't understand what the whole issue is about it being shown an schools?!?!? I remember watching the moon landing at school and I didn't have a choice to watch it and from what I can tell we didn't go to the moon but that is just MY opinion. All he is saying is common sense and that is go to school and you will have an education to get a good job or just get a job you are good at.

There you go I just saved you 20 mins of the speech and put it in less than a minute of reading. Go to school and boom you get a good job that is and that is all he was trying to tell kids. Here is the link to the clip on youtube

There are parents that don't even help there kids with school work nor push them to go to school and there is one person that is willing to tell the country and that is Obama so just be thankfull he did. I have a son and I tell him all the time to do his homework, if he had homework, did you finish your homework, why aren't you doing you homework and you better finish you homework before you play. I was told by my parents to do my homework or I will end up like them with no education but not to say they were dumb...no no no they were street smart and they did what they could with what they had and raised four BOYS without any of us ending up in jail or on drugs.

Stop getting all pissy with Obama when he wants to talk to the kids...I just know Obama loves da kids!!!!

Everyone that talks crap just because the media starts it STOP BEING A FOLLOWER and learn to become a leader and lead your kids to a good education so one day they have a good job and make money so your dumbs ass gets taken care of with the money your kids earned with that good education and great job...so you doesn't end up in a home!




September 07, 2009

After Labor Day

It is official that Daniel Castrellon will wear white after Labor Day because from we heard from our sources that he stated: He is a leader not a follower and does go by the rules everyone else follows so he is still a mistery. We just don't know what else we will find that will amaze us.

This may be a new trend but I don't think will catch fast since he is just a local person but so was everyone else at one point.

More to come... The search for that is Daniel Castrellon doing will continue.

Danie Castrellon Fan Club 

September 05, 2009

Daniel Castrellon

* Big news *

Daniel Castrellon was spotted in the store buying some socks and new shoes. More detail will be posted when we finish following him on this fine Saturday. We have also spotted a little version of him and from our sources is called Elijah but not sure we will confirm and we will let everyone know if this name is true. It seems that he is having a good time and we passed him to make sure it was him driving because he is usually not driving but has a driver called Osomino the bear.

From what we can his smile is a sign that this Saturday is going good for him and yes it is official that he is hanging out with his son of 7 years old and we see where he gets his good looks.

Our contacts are going to follow him thruout the day to see what else he buys since he is the new face of the Castrellons and is very interesting to read and talk about.

More post to come....

The Castrellon fan club of Dallas.

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