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August 28, 2009

Friday 8-28-09

Two and a half more weeks till my trip back to Vegas with a couple of friends that I've been working on getting a little fit and eating right so when I jump into the pool at the MGM I don't look all big and floopy. I've been working out for a few weeks now and most of it has been running and walking and some basketball a little of weight lifting which I'm getting better at. I think. It's a good thing that I've able to travel but I hate it when I have to spend all my savings just to have fun. Why can't someone just pay for me to have fun and enjoy life? I guess that is only in my dreams but I will take my small vacation with pride and enjoy every minute.

There are many that don't get to go on any trips so I guess I can be grateful right and I am trust me. I'm young,  single and ready to...well you know the rest. I just want to have fun before I settle down and get my wild side out of my system but first and before I do I need to take a trip to Europe and do a back pack trip for about a week or so. Then I will think about doing the other thing.

As of today my life has been going according to plan but there have been a few bumps and many bruises and I like it that not everything has been easy but challenging. This only gets me going and waking up everyday happy like everyone should. Life is golden...

Michael Vick Pic

Mural of Michael Vick Depicts Him Choking a Puppy Wearing a Cowboys Jersey

Vick Strangles Cowboys


I think if nothing else this just shows what little respect some people have for the seriousness of dog fighting. Michael Vick and the Eagles have a long road ahead of them off the field.

This just shows how everyone can forget things that hurt others when years pass by. Just like the 9-11 attack in New York. I guess these are just things people do to forget the pain by making fun of everything and everyone.




August 23, 2009

Icrack app for the Iphone

I guess my brother just got the new app no one wants to get on their IPhone. It's called Icrack which you can get it without going to the apple store all you need to do is drop it and boom Icrack will get download automatically. It takes seconds to download and you can see it on the front screen even though you don’t want to. It's pretty cool you should try it.

Here is a pic of his phone and yes I started laughing since he keeps on showing it to me and telling me that he is cool because he has an IPhone and I don't.

Icrack app for the Iphone

Don't show off your IPhone to someone that doesn't have it and not because they can’t afford it but because your wireless provider doesn't carry the platform for the IPhone.





August 20, 2009

A Good site for Kids

Looking into the internet and I stumbled upon a site for kids that is powered by youtube called kidzui.com. This is a youtube like site that only has videos appropriate for kids which I think is a good idea since everything a kid gets into ends up having inappropriate content and kids under age should not be looking at.

Since I have a young son I really don't want him to pop into a site that really shouldn't be on the net luring kids to them.



August 17, 2009

Eminem is not Dead

Many of you have already heard about the viral story about how rapper Eminem died in a terrible car crash but I assure you that it is not true and it’s just a rumor that started on Twitter the famous 140 character microblog site.
Shady Records' President Paul Rosenberg confirmed to the Free Press that there is no validity to the made-up story and that it began as a “Twitter rumor.”

I received a text this Morning telling me Eminem died and I was shocked but I rather find the truth than believe everything I hear or receive via phone. It is a shocker to hear a high person in any field past away on a random act but I never wish death on anyone and hope everyone lives longer than what they are listed to live.




August 14, 2009

Limited by haters

Once again I have been limited to my sites from my job and have been categorized as streaming media even though I created them and know what I have on them. I understand why you tube, twitter, myspace and Facebook have been blocked from most companies due to high traffic and slowing down bandwidth, but I don't think a small site like Danielcastrellon.com or proximas3.com will have the same impact like the main popular site on the web.
All I can say is that I know haters when I see them. It's cool with me that they block my sites I just don't understand why...I guess I will never know. I just hope they can give me a reason why so I can remove what they think is streaming media from my site since I looked into filtering software and none on them have filtered my sites as streaming media and ergo this blockage has been done manually by someone and I know who it was.

Oh well I will continue creating sites and the filtering block will only make me stronger and more creative on how I design my sites so keep on blocking them you are only helping me out.
P.S. I love Haters

August 05, 2009

Workout with deadly results

I went back to working-out last month and been going everyday when I can for about an hour or two I think I'm getting better some say I look bigger. I think it's a good thing to get compliments from others when you are trying your best to better yourself by going to the gym, eating right, and/or just keeping healthy.It makes any man happy to hear those words of reassuring their efforts are working. Not all have the opportunity to work out do to their jobs or family but everyone tries their best to do what they can with the time they have just for one idiot to take it away in a flash. I was reading a column in CNN about a murder suspect in a Gym which killed himself after he took 3 individuals that were trying to get their work on.


I understand everyone has problem but why take it out on others when they too have problems but try to keep a head up and move on with their life without bringing more problems. If you are having problems and are too weak to take care of those by yourself please ask! I sure someone in this world would like to help you just so they can put a smile on another person’s face which in hand will put a smile on their face and everyone is happy. Just don't try to take it out on another person that you either know or don't then go and kill yourself off. What is the point? If you are trying to make a point how will you know? The only thing you did was affect others and they have to life with the thought of a loved one gone forever while you get what you wanted and never see the justice.

Everyone has problems and will continue to have them but NEVER think your problems are others problems they are your and you need to learn how to interact with others by communicating with others. Who gives a F**** if you get rejected that is the point! The thrill is in the chase not the capture! When you have to chase something you are willing to work for the reward is better off than anything you don't work for.
My point is if you are having problems and want to solve it and are willing to kill for it...hurt yourself not others!


August 02, 2009

Muscle Size, Shape & Definition Workout

Monday - Chest and Shoulders
Decline Smith Presses Set 2 Reps 12
Flat Dumbbell Presses Set 4 Reps 20
Incline Dumbbell Flys Set 3 Failure
Seated Dumbbell Presses Set 1 Rep 25
Reverse EZ bar Presses Set 1 Reps Failure
Seated Dumbbell Side Laterals 1 Failure

Tuesday - Legs
Quads (2 full rotations)
Leg Presses Set 4 Rep 25
Leg Curls Set 1 Rep 30
Leg Extensions Set 1 Rep 30
Leg Curl Machine Set 3 Rep Failure


Thursday - Back, Rear Shoulders, Traps
Pull-ups Set 3 Rep 12
Dead Lifts Set 3 Rep 10
Dumbbell Rows Set 3 Rep 10
Lat Pull down 3 Rep 10
Rear Delts
Bent over Rear Delt Cable Fly Set 2 Rep 25
Barbell Shrugs Set 3 Rep 12
Seated Dumbbell Shrugs Set 3 Rep 12
Upright Rows Set 3 Rep 12

Friday - Arms and Calves
Standing Dumbbell Curls Set 2 Rep 10
Dumbbell Drag Curls (barbell video shown) Set 1 Rep 20
Incline Hammer Curls Set 1 Rep 15
Close-Grip Benches Set 1 Rep 25
Triceps Press Downs Set 1 Rep 25
Double Arm Kickbacks Set 1 Rep 25
Bench Dips Set 1 Rep Failure
Seated Calf Raises Set 3 Rep 15
Donkey Calf Raises Set 3 Rep 15


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