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July 29, 2009

My Fitness Plan

Working on getting back into shape is a challenge when you are not use to working out daily or monthly in my case. I guess I was just being lazy that I really didn't want to work out since I already have a job and work every day and the thought of continuing to work on something else is very tiring that it just made me look the other way. Some say they need someone to motivate them and/or something to get thinking about getting back into shape. As for me I think it was the thought of going to Vegas again and just looking good in a city with a lot of sin.

I am a man and need to attract the opposite sex with just my looks since I have nothing else other than my dimples but that can only get you so far like and ice breaker or so.
 I think the thought of knowing I can be better than where I am right now is all the motivation I need just to get up and go get my fitness on.  Besides I chose a faraway place that I need to drive just to get there which will help me instead of a local place where I can say it’s so close I can do it tomorrow. Nope I need my work out and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to get my health in track since I’m only eating fat food and not watching my weight. I’m not fat but

I sure in hell don’t want to get there and then look back and think what the hell held me back. Right now nothing is holding me back and college is on hold do to the economy I’m not ready to drop a grand on school when no one is hiring I’m just in the middle and need to start something new just to get me moving forward.
I’m going to try to get back into my thin self but not too skinny just enough that I can make a girl bite her lips and say….Well let’s just leave it up to them. I know I can. I just need time and right now I have all the time in the world.



July 24, 2009

Women and Dimples

I don't know if I'm the only one that sees this as the sexiest thing on a woman but man I love it when a female has dimples on her lower back. I think that its the high light of a woman’s back that it looks like she is smiling from… well you know. I know a few that have them and tell them to walk in front of me just so I can smile back. In a way this type of dimples are starting to disappear due to weight gain and I’m starting wonder if it’s something I can do because I don’t want them to go extinct.


I’m not sure if Salma Hayek has them but she is to fine to live without them that she is an exception and I forgive here. I think the causation females are the majority of women that have the dimps but not sure since I was denied the grand that would have launched the study of “The Missing Dimples” which broke my heart and now I don’t know what to do. Ladies please work with me and help out on the disappearing dimples and let’s try to keep wearing short shirts so we can make sure they still exist.


Is it wrong for me to ask if I can see if you have them? I mean it’s not like I’m asking to check out your boobs. I just want to see if you have the sexiest dimples in the world and I don’t think I’m alone. One time I was in Bone Daddy’s and I saw this girl walking away and I was like man that is the sexiest thing I ever saw and the gentlemen next to me said the same thing and we both knew what I was talking about.


So ladies don’t worry about not having them on your upper checks just get a mirror and check your other checks to see if you have the dimples men are so happy to check out.


I’m blessed with upper dimples and I think I can share a good conversation with you if you had them on your lower back since we might have something in common. Also please do not put a tattoo on your lower back because it takes the focus of you dimples and that is not a good thing. Just case you don’t know what I’m talking about here is a picture of a young lady with dimples.

Woman with Dimples



July 23, 2009

Texas is being sued for not being discriminated against

I feel that everyone has equal rights and will sue the city of Dallas for not discriminating against me for being Mexican/Hispanic or whatever title or race I fall in. Not once have I been pulled over for DWBM (Driving While Being Mexican) and that offends me as an American Citizen slash Mexican American slash Non-white American slash buff Hispanic and feel that I too have the right to use the race card. I'm 22 years old and that card has not been used ONCE! Not once and wonder when is it my turn that everyone gets to use it like: Henry Louis Gates Jr, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Domingo Garcia, and all the others I just can’t remember or I couldn’t find in Google search!


Just so you will know I am joking and making fun of everyone that uses the race card when it doesn’t even come close to what you are being accused of or arrest for. Now if it looks like you did something wrong I will go after you and not the other person next to you that looks all innocent. Everyone is so egger to use the race card for any little thing that it's so stupid it doesn’t even make dollars because it doesn’t make cents. Yes I know we have a few that are still considered a racist and do hate Mexican, Blacks, Whites and all other races but their own but don't put everyone in the same bowl when not all of us are discriminating against you.


I read the report about this cop arresting Henry Louis Gates Jr for some type of break in and the officer did do the right thing and secure the area then started asking questions. I would too hand cuff any one I think is doing something wrong then ask question because it’s safer to know you cannot kick my ass with hand cuffs on you and I'm safe to start asking questions. After we get on the same page then I will un-cuff you and we both go on our marry way.


If you think about it officers are just doing their jobs and it is their job to keep everyone safe by first being safe so please do not blame officers for doing his/her job.


I hate cops too but ONLY those who just got into that business for power and start abusing their power. Most cops just want to give you tickets and go on their way just like you do when you are at work you just want to get thru the day without someone screwing it all up and fucking up your day.


If you use the race card more than once how about you let others use it so we too can get a chance to be on camera and start talking shit to others without getting my face kicked. I mean I want my 15 mins of fame too. Can’t you see I’m trying to get into show business too and any media time is better than none!


Just remember if you still hate others for not being your color think about this.


Our President is BLACK and I’m proud of that! I don’t hate anyone and would love it if I had more haters on me because that means I’m on your mind and my names slide out of you like that scene from Dusk till Dawn where Salma Hayek has that yellow snake! Don’t ask me how this makes sense I just like typing Salma’s name.




PS: I’m still suing the World!!



July 20, 2009

Why I Hate Mondays

The reason I hate Mondays is because it's the first day of the week from a good weekend and it’s the start of the focus of what am I going to do this weekend which never seems to be in close proximity that you can barely reach it. Then there is the rush to catch up on what was not finished on Friday just to have and ok Tuesday or a smooth hump day (Wednesday). Monday's are neither fun nor interesting unless you work as a pool boy for Salma Hayek then I would love to go to work on Mondays even for free! Since that is not the case and we all have those days where it drags on and on for what it seems like eternity and there is no stopping the slowness even if you try to stay busy or by drinking two cups of Cuban coffee.

What is it about Monday that looks so avoidable and don't even want to meet nor see that morning sun that lets you know the weekend is over and it's time to go to work. Sometimes it's the job you use to liked at first but then got turned into "a do this,  do that " for the same pay even though you know you are working hard just to stay out of the pink slip radar or on the good side of the BOSS. Just so you won’t end up like the 7% that are unemployed in the state or city. I really don't know the stats on that but I will check and get back to you.

You know that on every Monday something "Efed" up during the weekend and that one person is going to start pissing you off and of cousre it's going to looks like one of those days where you are going to work your ass off and you may not even finish on time which will roll over to a Tuesday slash Monday project. Then the boredom starts all over again. If companies try to please their employees with some type of theme for Mondays that would be great just to say I like the way you work and this is what I'm going to do... Here have fun! Then throw everyone a 1 hour paper ball fight just to get the blood flowing so you can then work hard to keep that job that makes Mondays fun. Then reality steps in to yell at everyone "to get back to work this is neither Saturday nor Sunday its Monday you slackies!"

I well I guess we cannot get rid of Monday so we will have to deal with it and enjoy the idea that there are four more days left still the weekend and two more for hump day which can be called the new Thursday. I wish I had an electric chair just so I can get a bold of energy sparked thru my body so feel alive because Mondays and me don't really get along and I'm thinking of breaking up with the bitch just to teach her a lesson!

Monday!!! It's over between us!!! I'm going to start looking at Friday for new aventures she seems to be more of a party animal than you! I'm out you can keep Tuesday as company.




July 18, 2009

Living in Dallas

Living in Dallas has a lot of obsessions and disappointments that everyday you wake up will always be sure to surprise you with the results just be ready to deal with the outcome. I am happy were I'm at and it's hard to admit that I have not really seen everything Dallas has to offer that I guess when you live in an area or big city become immune to the escape of knowing there is a nice place to visit but then again you live so close you will one day visit that location one of these day. It’s like living in New York and never going to see the Statue of Liberty or Canada and Niagara Falls.

Dallas has a lot of new hot spots that it’s only when others have been there or talks about thru conversation or viral texting that you then want to go just to experience the environment with that close friend. The use to be a nice restaurant called Momo’s in Deep Ellum that I use to go there once a week and the food was too good for words. That was my favorite Italian restaurant and I have not found another Italian joint with the best breaded chicken served on top of nicely creamed fettuccini pasta that will just hit the stop. Then to top the icing on the cake they serve a coffee cake just to make you not want to go back to work. I will one day find a good restaurant that will top Momo’s but till that day comes that was my favorite restaurant. Now there are more on my list of good restaurants that you may want to take a date to and my other favorite place would be in Uptown Dallas is called East Wing a Vietnamese restaurant with a decorative interior that is would make you feel cozy with southing music to make the date more enjoyable. I don’t have a big list of good nice eating restaurants but now I’m going to start checking things out since I’m more a guy that wants to try everything or anything once. You never know what you might enjoy or fall in love with if you don’t try it at least once.

The night life is a little different from any other city but it has its ups and downs that you are going to hear the good side from a few and the same for the bad side from others. In all Dallas has a lot of good clubs that the girls can make you go home with a story to tell or a little white lie of where you’ve been all night.

I’ve been out of Dallas and it’s always a good thing to come back home.

Just in case you didn’t know Dallas is in Texas and everything is bigger in Texas!



July 17, 2009


It's been two days that I've hear from two individuals I have not heard from in years I'm starting to think I'm going to die or what? These two girls are from back in the day and it's really nice to hear from them but I guess I'm happy but wonder if a traumatic event is going to happen in my life that I need to talk to these people before I die or worst get all cripple. Well whatever the case is I am happy to hear from all my old friends and hope more do the same and start calling a playa.


I'm glad they still consider me a friend and hope this tells you that I'm a guy you would rather know than hate because you might stop talking to me for whatever reason I'm still going to be here when you either fall or needs a person to talk to, Since I'm like toilet paper that I flush myself down the toilet because I’m the Shit.

I think.

Like I always say I'm not like everyone other guy I'm just a guy that everyone want to be. ..The shitznet!



True Friends

It's been a while since I've spoken to a true friend that today was a good day and have the privilege to catch up with one I have not heard from in years. Catching up with a dear friend that it is true to everything and never changed is a wonderful thing that everyone needs at least one. Friends are hard to find and it's better not to make enemies with the ones you already have. Everyone needs that one friend just to talk or just to let them know everything is going to be ok. Words can make you happy even if it's for just a few minutes of back and forth typing. I would like to say it was a good conversation and I'm glad we both came in contact either by accident or planned but in all it was a good thing. I have a few friends here in Dallas but some chose to move to Cali but she is in contact which I guess I will forgive here for moving. Right now I have two very close friends and they are at my top list of people I can count on and talk to and both are women go fig. They also know I am always here to lend an ear or a shoulder for that needed out burst of life problems or just daily struggles everyone deals with just to get it out of their chest.


True Friends what a good thing to have!






July 14, 2009

How to know if you are crazy

If you want to know you are crazy this is the only step you need to take.

Look into the mirror then ask your reflection if you are crazy and wait for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes you don't hear a response you are not crazy but if you do then something is wrong and you need to get one of those white jackets that makes you hug yourself for hours all day.


That's it!

Thank you for listening.



The Truth On Obama

Why is the media trying to make Obama look bad when it is far from the truth on what he was doing? Is it that there is nothing going on in the world that the media has to post a picture of him supposedly looking at a young girls back side?


Barack Obama Contraversial Photo


Well I saw the [video] and the only one that had a wondering eye was the frenchy and I’m sure everyone got a kick from that mage but look at the video and he was just trying to watch where he was stepping and helping the other women come down the stairs. I still have not found anything wrong with what he is doing and I do I will make sure to speak my mind but let the man do his job and from what I can tell he is doing a fine job! Unlike others…..BUSH… but that is the past and I’m looking forward for my future with my president Obama and hope he gets another term despite the race the, religion the ,whatever we just needed another face and view in the presidency. Every President has screwed up the economy one way or another and it’s part of the job everyone makes mistakes and if Obama makes a mistakes well… I will be sure to tell him I forgive you. What’s the worst he can do that others in the past have done with their greedy hands in the cookie jar I say let him be and just support the man he can make it a better place with everyone backing the president thru hard times since everyone is in the same boat why try to just out when land is a few miles away.

July 08, 2009

The day the World Ends

The world is due to end at 12:34 56 sec on 7-8-9!! Please all of you grab your valuables empty your accounts and then come over to my house I will make sure I store everything in a safe place for you.  There is no time to talk just please do what I say and everything will be OK. I have thought this thru for almost 2 minutes and think this is the only solution to the world ending crisis. We don’t have much time to think if it is the right thing to do or not. By giving me everything you own just to save yourselves sound like the proper thing to do and even the smartest thing to do if you didn’t get the first sentence.


Think about it!! Why would I know when it will end and how or why would I know when?




July 06, 2009

My answer to Life

My answer to life is very simple and easy to obtain that you really don't need much or millions of dollars or at all money to be happy about getting it. It is right in front of you every morning and all you need to do is go with the flow where ever it goes. Many have taken it to the limit and found happiness after getting it that they have not release the easy trips on getting that they try to keep it to themselves which I think is very selfish. I try to share what I know since sharing is caring right?


Most think that money is the answer to everything but it's the opposite. When you have money everyone likes you and is willing to help you spend it. When you don't have money no one wants to talk to you nor let you have some of there’s money to spend a few. I rather be broke than depend on money to be happy. Many have spent years trying to find the answer that finding it will open there eyes and everything they have been waiting for that it just slips thru there fingers.


It's best to not expect to find the answer to life because thinking you found it and then realize you didn't will just disappoint you than not knowing you found it and find it. I've been telling women every time after time not to expect things to happen because you are only hurting yourself so just let things flow even if it's not the out come you are willing to get. This is an example for many that don't understand what I mean. Let's say it's you birthday, anniversary, special holiday and/or that planned vacation you have been planning that you are expecting things to go as planned and expect gifts, surprises, those words of love you are willing to hear on that day. That it turns out everyone forgot and you are not going to that get a way trip, presents on your birthday, anniversary party is not being planned for you that you are all disappointed and start getting mad for no reason just because no one gave you what you were expecting to get or remembered.


Now if you know it’s your birthday, anniversary of any kind, scheduled trip just roll with the flow and do not expect anything from anyone. You would be far better than when you were expecting something to get nothing because right then birthday surprise is being yelled out by your closes friends as soon as you walk into your house, hugs and kisses are being given by that special love one for that long awaiting anniversary everything start to fall into place. Then you were just hit with a big present and realize that it feels great to get a gift when you didn’t expect it than getting nothing when you did. The world seems better off and a big smile start to emerge.


My final though of the answer to life is nothing it’s absolutely nothing that there is no right or wrong answers to the question and if anyone tells that there is only one answer they are wrong. The answer or reason of life is only options and it is you with that opportunity to choose where you take it as far as you are willing to take it. Waking up every morning just to go to work knowing you rather stay at home can be the reason of life and as small as that sounds it’s true. You choose to follow your path whether it’s a good one or a bad one but it is you that has that choice no one else.


The answer to life is being able to choose what you want to do with it. Just let the world and everyone in it take care of there own and stop worrying about others problems and enjoy your happiness and choose where you want to go and for get how long it will take to get there.




July 02, 2009



Everyone needs to take a small trip at least twice a year just to get the mind clear from what we do all week and that is work! Taking a small trip across town or around the world is fine just get out there explore and take the world by surprise and say I'm out and I'm going to have fun for once...

This year I have been to San Diego for my 30th Birthday which was a bad ass trip since I went to about 5 beaches and the last one was in Orange County which made me feel all poor, but I have my health right? SD was a lot of fun which is great just to get out from the same routine you do every year in Dallas for your birthday or wherever you live that a new place is always a good feeling. Take as many trips as you can afford even if it’s an hour away just for camping or just to fish and drink with friends.  I guess it was time for another trip that I just booked a trip to Vegas again with a couple of knuckle heads I call friends. It’s more of a guy trip than a get a way trip. I’ve been to Vegas before with another long time friend that we drove to Vegas from Dallas and that was a good 18 hour trip that I saw bones in New Mexico, The big Creator in Arizona, and then right before we got into Las Vegas that we drove thru the Hoover Dam a trip to keep in the books as a good one. I was laughing in my head when I was at the Hoover Dam that I had to do what Shia LaBeouf did and slap the inner wall of the Dam just for kick because I didn’t know when I’ll be back that this was my only time and it was funny. If you saw the movie you would know what I’m talking about that my boy Adolfo didn’t get it until he saw the movie the night we got back on cable. That he told his wife what I did and they both said I was dumb… So! It was funny to me and that is all that counts so MUH!

We all need some time apart from the everyday world we are use to that two days are just not enough. The only things we can do for the weekend is either go out late Friday night or just wait till Saturday to get out and have fun. Most of us are not willing to go out Friday because we had to work that day and are tired that we just want to kick back to rest our feet . Then Saturday rolls around everyone starts planning for what is popping that night just to find out there are better parties than the one you are at and the night is over. Sunday is a day to prepare you for the Monday that is lurking around the corner waiting to take your energy away just to make the day all groggy and long that you just hope the Sunday goes real slow and the night never comes.

It’s already July and I have only taken a few trips that I’m not complaining at least I took some but I wish I can just get up and go as far as I want whenever I want. I have o start saving for a trip around the world and it’s going to be an expensive trip that I hope I can afford to go at least before I kick the bucket. I guess small trips will do just fine on my salary I just have to keep a budget for trips and plan ahead on anything I spend just to have a wall map filled with push pins showing my destinations in my life time. The older I get the father the trips will be from wherever I live during my young never aging years. In order to take more trips I have to start putting aside 40 bucks a week which doesn’t sound like much but hey who said I’m rich? I have to start always from the bottom just to get to the top how else would I learn to keep my mind from thinking money grows on trees. The harder you work for the money you earn the better the vacation satisfaction will be knowing you paid for it all with hard work and maybe some tears for those Mondays that keep on lurking for you.

This is the reason I travel is so that one day I will bump into her and say hi and take a picture!


Yeah! This is Salma Hayek...

Later and take more trips


July 01, 2009

The Goodnight

Everyone will eventually have a goodnight one day and I've had plenty and no I don't mean what you all I know are thinking. Going to sleep right now is just a good reason for me because tomorrow will be a great morning I can just feel it. I don't worry if it's not gonna be a good morning I just know it is that I have my hopes up which is all I need to get me going.


I will take me a while to go to sleep that many wonder or think I have a sleeping disorder. I say no I just don't like to sleep I like to have a LONG day since this world is passing me by so fast that my son is now 7 which I think he needs to get a job. I wonder every year where does all that time go? I wonder at night how the day went and what should I do the next day to make my days better just for kicks. I guess I think about a lot things that my mind wonders thru those ones and zeros until my clocks start beeping then my focus comes back to the real world then get ready for a new day. I sometime feel anxious and move around as if I'm on drugs but I'm not (!) I just feel like I am sometimes that I just get all crazy for new information and need a world download. Then there are days when I feel like crap and want to stay asleep all day everyday for a month but can’t I need the information the world has to offer because I haven't learned everything to no everything I needed to fill this half full brain of mine.


Today I woke up kind of late around 7:15AM that I went to get some strong coffee got to work took care of business had a long drive home while jamming to some old school music. I took my mother out to eat and made sure we ate well and then took her home and gave her a big kiss. I checked my bank account and found out they paid me early and moved some of that green over to my savings which I'm hopping will grow into a fat down payment for a new house or slightly used one. I'm not rich you know I'm semi-above water but not that far from being broke if the economy keeps on going they way it does that I kind of hate money but what are we going to do we need it right? I took care of bills even paid my phone bill early which I now regret. I should have waited till the due date but oh well the money is already out of the bank and into the pockets of them fat cats. Then I get a call from a good friend that I have not spoken to for over a year an a half which I was really surprised it made me smile. Spoke to her for… I would say a good hour then made plans to meet up sometime next week just to catch up on what we have been up to then taken from there.


I kind of forgot what my point was for this post…… ohhh yeah... Have a GOOD NIGHT.









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