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June 29, 2009


Why be greedy you can be rich then end up like this! - Ruth Madoff using public subway!


I know everyone wants to be rich but by get greedy? I'm mean 1 billion is a lot of money hell 100$ is allot of money why go so far as to top the score and screw working families out of 65 billion? There is a few I can live without or feel bad for and they are:  Drink Drivers, Rapist, Child Predators Crack heads, Stupid people that protest just to be on the news, Spoiled rich kids that inherit money, people that kill their families then themselves, Stupid people, Conniving, Misleading, Greedy, Self observed, idiots that take advantage of the weak or lest fortunate and people that point at me and laugh cause I fell down.  I wish everyone learns from their mistake and look at everyone as a person than a profit that it takes the focus out of why we are here in this world and that is to be happy.

Yeah I understand you can get rich from what you know and what people need but never take advantage of anyone because your are the one that will suffer the worst punishment. I’m a computer technician that when I tell people how much I will charge for their repair I tell them I’m not here to make alot of money from you but to make a customer. I do not want to screw over when I fix something but when I do help I want that customer happy so when they need me or equipment breaks down again they will return with confidence and trust.

What’s the point of making millions fast with corruption and foul play? The truth will come out one way or another because there is no trust among thieves. You screw anyone that is helping get you rich will be the first to say every man for themselves. This picture just shows you that everyone falls down when they try to get to the top fast by taking advantage of ones trust. There will not be any help from your surroundings knowing money was the reason of end end of the friendship. If you hurt your friends fanatically they will turn on you in a heart beat because you are taking food from their table. What is the point of helping you when you didn’t care if you crushed their net agg.

I have 3 brothers and I will never hurt them where it hurts and that is in their pockets. I will borrow money from them if I really, really, really needed and they will always help me with open arms as I will to them with no questions ask. I will be damn if I screw them over for profits and self gratification then what will I have?? The little money I borrowed and no brothers??? Shit! I would rather stick my **** in a pencil sharpener than F with my family or friends.


I just hate it when someone tries to make it look as if they are the victims hoping for sympathy from others and strangers. Just admit what you did, give back what you can, apologies and mean it even if it ends your financial status along with that over exaggerated lifestyle. Many wish they had what you both had (The rich life) and all that power, but we all rather be broke than do what you both did!



Billy Mays - Pitchman

Pitchman Billy Mays dies at 50


Billy Mays : Pitchman Dies at 50


The pitchman was pronounced dead at his home near Tampa, Florida, Sunday morning, after his wife, Deborah, found him unresponsive, Tampa police said. He was 50.

He had told a friend before he went to sleep Saturday he was not feeling well.

"He said he was groggy, he wasn't feeling that great. He wanted to get some sleep," Todd Schnitt said. The cause of death is unknown. Police said there were no signs of forced entry to the residence and there is no suspected foul play. [ CNN ]

I was starting to enjoy watching something new on the Discovery channel and now this happens!


June 27, 2009

The Daniel Castrellon 8 Rules

The Daniel Castrellon 8 Rules

#1 - The first rule of Daniel Castrellon is, you always talk about Daniel Castrellon.

#2 - The second rule of Daniel Castrellon is, you ALWAYS talk about Daniel Castrellon.

#3 - If someone has a cookout, goes clubbing, takes a trip, you invite Daniel Castrellon over.

#4 - Only two girls when we play fight.

#5 - Girls one fight at a time.

#6 - Ladies no shirts, no shoes.

#7 - Love making will go on as long as it has to.

#8 - If this is your first night with Daniel Castrellon, you have to F**** (Film).


-LeiNaD- NollertSac



June 26, 2009

4th Of July: Water Balloon Fight 2

Ready for another Water Balloon fight?


4th of July: Water Balloon Fight -2009

Are you ready for another fight? It’s scheduled for next weekend on the 4th of July (Saturday) so get your calendars ready and start circling. All you have to bring is your energy to fight and water balloons unless you want to bring me something because I do take donations. I will get the fajitas and do my specialty “Fajitas ala –LeiNaD-“. I’m not saying I’m going to feed everyone but you know first come first serve. So don’t expect a lot of food you hungry bastard It’s more of a water balloon fight and what I can get that is not too expensive. Everyone said they had a blast on my son’s water balloon fight party that there has to be another one with more balloons since we ran out in about 20 minutes.


I know I bought 1500 but used 1000 so that tells you we need more. Make sure these balloons burst on impact because the other ones hurt like hell and I know a few that went home with bruises and were all jacked up from the pain! We are going to have three water posts located around the backyard that way everyone doesn’t have to return to the same location and become target practice. Invite who you want and let’s take out that work-week anger out on a few grown-ups leave the kids along to fight their own battles. Grown-ups are up for grabes and to each it's own.

4th of July






King of Pop: Michael Jackson

'King of Pop' Michael Jackson is dead

King of Pop: Dead at 50


Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday after being rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Jackson, 50, was taken from his Los Angeles home to UCLA Medical Center where doctors worked for more than an hour to try to resuscitate him, his brother Jermaine Jackson said. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday. [CNN]


The King of Pop, who will be forever immortalized for his world-famous, trademark dance moves and chart-topping success, was arguably one of the most popular recording artists of all time, his success peaking during the 1980s. [ The Insider ]


All I can say is wow that is f***ed up even thought all the legal crap he was going thru and accusation I still think his music was ok and if you say it wasn’t then you are just fooling yourself. This man had creativity and sold out concerts even thought he had issues with his personal life but who hasn’t stumble across a rough patch in their lives.

I remember the movie Moonwalker and smooth crimnal which at that time it was cool to listen to his music and videos were not bad to watch either..


I never followed his music all the way thru his career but I enjoyed listening to a few songs that even my son likes to jam out to his music since it’s in the Guitar Hero. He asks me to play “Beat It” when we are in my car going to the store or other places. I don’t think I will tell him since I don’t think he knows who he is but how funny that he too likes his music and he is the new generation and Michael Jackson was old school….


Sad Sad Sad







June 25, 2009

LeiNaD's P3 CD

This cd was modified by LeiNaD for the purpose of checking hard drive problems and in the hope you can solved the problem yourself without having to call an outside tech that will charge you up the wah-zoo. I guess if this helps you in any way then you can trust me to help you on other harder computer problems this CD cannot help you with.  You can down load it and then burn it into a CD from two ways: 

1 :  >>

2: LeiNaDs-P3-CD.iso >>

If you come across any issues just email me at





Transformers: R.O.T.F.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen

I was able to go and check out the new movie from director Michael Bay Transformers Revenge of the Fallen late but needed to see what the trailers were all about. I must say I was disappointed with the plot and adult content my 7 year old son had to hear and see throughout the movie. The battle scenes were like the first one exciting but the sound quality of the fire power on the high tech aliens sounded weak which could have had more umpf to it. This film had some questionable scenes that we could have lived without like the dog humping Megan Fox on the leg and the adult language the two twin robots had going which was not necessary. I guess you needed to cater to the young teen crowed but you know parents are taking their kids to a Toy movie!

I can say this movie did not give the first one justice only that it followed the graphics with high expectations. Fallen to a small degree. I saw a lot of good looking girls in the movie which makes you wonder why there were no ugly ones. As if life only has pretty women.  Anyhow I would say watch it because everyone has their own opinion and I'm not a critic just wanted to express what I felt about the film. The new robots in the movie are very clean and nice but why is it when they transform they turn all oily and scratched up before a fight scene? If I was a robot I would go to AutoZone get new parts and stay shinny all the time or just look another similar car and regenerate the part from their car. I would be a flying Autobot if I could and start flying instead driving to my destination mile after mile and miles of driving sucks, flying rules. That’s just me I don’t know I’m crazy like that.
Go watch it and see for yourself what I mean then take your kids if you feel they should see parts of the film that I would think should be blurred out or bleeped out. All I can say about this film that I liked was the Megan Fox slow motion running very sexy woman!
My say on this is go see it it’s an ok movie.


June 24, 2009

Being a Parent

What is the rule on being a parent?
What does it take to become a parent?
What are the responsibilities of being a parent?
If you are a parent why take it out on the other parent just because things are not going good for you?

All these questions are being asked internally by me for me to me and I still think the answer is hidden from my view. I'm a parent and I love being a father and its' hard to think what life would of been without a child. I do what I do to make everyone happy. That there are a few that still like to fuck everything up for you even because what you do is not enough according to them. What right do they have to fuck up others lives up just because their life is all jacked up and looks like a Jerry Springer episode? Don't tell me how to run my life when I never tell you how to fuck yours up. I don't ask to be recognized as a great father even the father of the year. I just do what I think is right and continue doing it. I don't worry about what others think but its hard not to notice their ignorance and comments.

There are no rules on being a parent because no one was given a book to read before. You just do what you think is best for you child and hope for the best. Don't overdo yourself just because others want you to do what they think is right. Of course think before you do something stupid with your child and don't try to put them in harm’s way. You do what you do and stay out of others business and/or lives and everyone will be happy.
It does not take much to become a parent ….that teenagers and alcohol has proven that. If you do become a parent just except your responsibilities and don't try to take it out on the government just because you messed up and didn't protect yourself.

Everything you do as a parent you are responsible for period! The responsibility is not selected by a vote it's mostly given to the other just because they say the grass is greener... That's bullshit I think everyone involved in a child’s life is responsible for everything they do since it is a reflection of what they see and hear when around the individual every day. Children are like sponges they soak up everything. Grown-ups need to be grown-ups. You can teach an infant how to talk it just takes time and dedication because the brain is developing everyday and they are smarter than you think just focus on the ability that is waiting to be set free.
Everyone I know knows how I live and what I live for so I thank you all for the recognition but I do it because I want to not because I have to.  People should learn how to let things go and let everyone live in peace so life can be smooth and enjoyable. You only get one chance there are no do-over with children. No one likes a loud speaking anoying person yelling about all kinds of shit that in their heads the world revolves around them and blurt out all kinds of nonsense. Everyone like a person that doesn’t BOTHER ME!
See how happy we are?


Just the Two!



June 23, 2009

Testing My Limits

I just want to know how far I can be tested before I break. Right now I'm thinking of what I should be doing that I'm a better person and allot smatter that I stay calm but there are a few individuals that try to crack me up by saying the dumbest things just to sound tuff or to make their shadows look bigger! 

  Stupid Calls 

I know things are not what they seem but when someone calls you talking shit without the full story why talk shit? Ask questions before you are read like a book and your story has already been told to many and everything you say contradicts what you are telling the caller. Whoever said anyone is perfect because if they think they are they are full of shit and the shit trail is a mile long. I guess when you don't care about what others think of you others want to think of you and talk about you just to hear your voice because they miss it. HA! I say. I will never break I have too much focus on the future that I rarely stay focus on the present I look beyond just to see what will happen if  I could be in the next 10 minutes. I say what I say and mean it the way I said it you take it the way you want to because I know you will take it to a stupid level that I'm too far up that I just look down! I just want to write what was on my mind today because I had an interesting call and I've had these types of calls twice and I'm not waiting for a third to pop up. Just let it be known that I don't care what others say about me I don't care what you think of me I don't care what you heard about me and finally I don't give a "F" about anyone but the ones I love and if you know who you are it's because I've told you I do and the rest can kiss the darkest part of my body and I don't mean my ass!


Oh well Que Sera Sera…
I don’t have time to dwell on the things that are not important that I will let this go. I’m going to focus on the trip that is a well known destination that everyone says “whatever happens there stays there”.
Vegas Baby
It’s been a while since I went on a trip with close friends and I mean close friends that a movie had a lot to do with the booking of a trip. I just hope I come back with a story to tell if not what’s the point. I just hope it’s not like my trip to Cancun and a stupid pool that jumped up and hit me on my nose and lip. I didn’t know I was drunk and going to get attacked by the bottom on the hotel’s pool and on my first night there. What a bitch. I guess I have to start saving what I’m sure will be spend fast and maybe in one night that I will try to stretch it out for the whole trip. I don’t think I have a passport but will eventually get one if I ever decide to go overseas…ok let me rephrase that if my wallet allows me to go overseas. Since I’m traveling and staying in the US I won’t need one. Well the day is over and the weather is not being friendly I’m on my way out and going to work out today then eat a fat ass meal just for kicks cuz I can and know I shouldn’t. 
Daniel Castellon –LeiNaD-
Ps…I’m a pit-bull… that is funny!

June 19, 2009

Birthday Boy & Father's Day

Today is a good day since it's my son's birthday and Fathers day weekend that I'm going to try to make it his day not mine. I took the day off since I have a lot of thing to do that  I was planning to go to SPI(South Padre Island) but things do not work out like they should all the time that you have to have a plan B which I did. It's not a big loss since last year I was able to so SPI and my son did have fun (both of us did!) even though someone tried to ruin it with an un-call text but that's in the past I'm always looking at the future that don't focus on the small things or less important. The trip was a good one that we went fishing, beach, my favorite restaurant and gift shopping. My son was lucky that went fishing he caught a aft fish and a dog fish. I know that sounds funny but I took pictures because I couldn't believe that there was a dog fish.


I try to take off from D-Town on as many trip as I can and if I can take my son with me the better. Since I'm not able to go away this weekend I'm going to make the best of it and I have planned to go to the store and buy a fully automatic full power ridiculous water gun and going to make this hot weekend as fun as I can but the only one that will get it will be my son since I've told everyone to get their water guns and water balloons to make this a battle to remember. This weekend I'm no longer the Boss my son is and what he says goes...Just this weekend I don't want to give him that much power.


Peace out.






June 17, 2009

Lost memory

Don't know what I was going to say today but I had something interesting on my mind and was really hoping to let everyone know what the one thing was but oh well I forgot. That is what happens when you fall down and hit your head after a hard day at work and trip over a stupid rock I meant to move yesterday but didn't. Now this bump on my head will be a reminder of what I should do when I see the annoying disturbance and not wait till the last minute or...  what's that word procrastinate yeah thats it. I guess there is a reason to invent a word that means the same as "do it now than later or when it's to late" all crunch up into one weird word call "procrastinate". I hope I remember what I was going to say because I'm sure it was interesting since it's still on my mind.


I hate to forget thing when I really want to remember them and saying it 3 times in your head doesn't even work because I made sure to say it 5 times and I guess a bump on the head will kill off that theory. If I remember what was so important that a 2 lbs rock knocked out my memory I will make sure to let you know what the stupid missing part of my day went!






June 10, 2009

Waking up Leinad

It's Wednesday May 10 2009 and it's 5AM and was still awake so I had time to workout and run around my apartments with a nice looking girl... really yum yum. Don't know why she was awake that early but from the conversation we had she is a morning person and does this everyday. No wonder she looks like she does GOOD. We both ran for about 20 mins which gave us a good run and now I'm really hungry! I'm thinking of getting some Mexican food but I guess that would not help my healthy workout huh? I've tried to stay in shape but wonder if it's worth it. I mean many girls I've seen in Dallas are getting a little plus plus and they don't seem to mind how they look. I guess it is only me that thinks it's better to stay in shape since it would help you in the long run when you get old. Oh well I'm going to make sure I don't get all big and fat and I don't mean to attack the fat but I'm Daniel Castrellon and speak my mind. If you are offended about saying the word fat...Hey if you are fat then call yourself fat not big bone just own what you are and you will feel better than trying to be or say you are something you are not.




That is what is on my mind today so blah blah blah.




I'm out.



Wake up LeiNaD!!!!

June 08, 2009

The Life of -LeiNaD-

The life of -LeiNaD- is an interesting life that everyone is asking about and I'm willing to let you know all about it but I have to go to sleep and will tell you all about it when I wake up...


Ha ha ha...

Later's and welcome to Daniel Castrellon Blogs

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